Avresedatum & Priser

Utresa Arlanda kl: 07.25 Ankomst Split kl: 10.20

Hemresa Split kl: 11.05 Ankomst Arlanda kl: 13.50

Utresa Kastrup kl: 06.10 Ankomst Split kl: 08.20

Hemresa Split kl: 09.10 Ankomst Kastrup kl: 12.20

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5.4 - 12.4  (8dgr), Pris: 15.995:- SEK

12.4 -19.4 (8dgr), Pris: 15.995:- SEK

19.4 - 26.4 (8dgr), Pris: 15.995:- SEK

26.4 - 5.5 (8dgr), Pris: 15.995:- SEK

Fakta fartyget "Svalan"

General characteristics of the ship:

- Length of the ship over all Loa = 32.90 m
- Length between perpendicular HPS = 21.45 meters
- Width over all Boa = 7.80 meters
- The side height H = 3.23
- 2 x John Deere engine with 375 horse power each
- Heating the space ship and cabin
- Air conditioning
- 14 spacious double cabins
- Kitchen
- Restaurant
- Reception
- Toilets
- Spacious deck


Swallow) is a project of high-quality team of experts whose captain transfered his ideas into reality in 2008. in the Croatian shipyard. Lastavica (Swallow) can be classified according to the form to the type "Loger" even though the ship is actually a synthesis of all the solutions of today's top shipbuilding. The whole ship is built of steel with three impermeable partition troops guaranteeing maintenance of the surface in the severe conditions. Length was 32.90 meters, width 7.80 meters, and provide strength to the ships twin John Deere engine, each of 375 HP.

The ship has the
most modern technical equipment and facility, the deck is covered with teak, interior and exterior are covered with oak and mahogany, Lastavica (Swallow) is the ship that carries the spirit of the past, it provides a sense of travel like in some ancient times but it is also equipped with advanced facilities, 14 large and comfortable double cabins with toilet, restaurant, reception, spacious deck that are available to crew and passengers during the journey .

Lastavica (Swallow) has all international safety and technical specifications, making it possible to cruise in international waters Each passenger cabin is air-conditioned and heated
, which gives the boat a category A +. The ship has a tank for drinking water of 25 000 liters, and the tank of 8 000 liters for secondary fluid. Purpose of the ship is a cruise throughout Adriatic Sea where guests can enjoy the sea, nature, variety of Dalmatian fish